Hair Care for Permed Hair

Getting a perm can change your look but it can damage your hair if you don’t maintain it properly. Taking good care of your hair before and after your perm will give the soft, smooth curling results you want.

How DPermed hairoes a Perm Damage Your Hair?

During a perm, an alkaline perm lotion is applied to your hair. The alkaline chemical opens up the cuticle to allow the chemical to penetrate into the cuticle and the cortex. The chemical reacts with the keratin in the cortex, causing the hair to swell and soften so it can take the shape of the curlers and rods. The perm lotion is left on for 20 minutes. After the perm lotion is rinsed, the neutralizer is applied to reform the hair. Failing to rinse and neutralize the hair properly leads to scalp irritation and damaged hair. The chemical also strips natural oils and moisture from the hair.

Care for Permed Hair Tips

– Nourish your hair before you perm. Prepare your hair a few weeks before the perm. Condition your hair well will give your hair a good condition to be permed. You can’t do this right before the perm though. This step will prevent frizz after perming.

– Don’t wash your hair for 48 hours after getting a perm because the shampoo can interfere with the chemical process.

– Condition you hair during the first 48 hours. Unlike shampoos, conditioners don’t interfere with the chemical process. This step will reduce the amount of frizz.

– Get touch-ups only as needed. You don’t need to get a complete perm if there are only few unruly sections.

– Use appropriate hair products. Use conditioner after a shampoo and apply deep hair treatment once a week to add moisture to your hair.

– Let you hair dry naturally. A hair dryer can make you hair frizzy.

– Don’t rub your permed hair with a towel after a shower. Just pat dry to get the excess water off.

– Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush. Brushing your hair undoes curls.

– Avoid heavy wind. Otherwise, your permed hair will get brittle and break.

– Protect your hair from sun’s rays or apply leave-in conditioner with sunscreen.

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