Hair Color: How to Choose the Right Color, How to Color, and How to Take Care?

Coloring your hair helps you change your look without having your hair cut off. The right hair color will compliment your skin complexion and make your skin looks healthier but the wrong color will make your skin look washed out and shallow.

How to Pick Your Right Color?

Most hair color experts recommend you to pick one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural shade. If you want to go at least three shades lighter than your natural color, you have to let a professional colorist do the work because it involves bleaching your hair cuticle to remove all color and then replacing it will a new, artificial shade. The first thing you need to know before choosing hair color is to know your skin tone.

If you have a yellow or golden undertone, you have a warm skin tone. If you have a pink or blue skin undertone, you have a cool skin tone.  The easiest way to check if you are warm or cool is to look at the veins in your arms while in natural light. If the color looks green, you have a warn skin tone. If the color is blue, you have a cool skin tone.

Skin tone and hair color

If you have a cool skin tone, stick to neutral, ash and beige bases when choosing a hair color and avoid gold, yellow, red and bronze tones in hair color.

If you have a warm skin tone, any color that has red-orange or gold base will look great on you. You should avoid blue, violet, beige, and ash based hair colors which will wash out your skin color.

Types of Hair Color

  • Semi-permanent hair colors do not penetrate into the cuticle as deep as permanent hair colors do so semi-permanent hair color will wash out within six to 12 shampoos.
  • Permanent hair colors contain a blend of peroxide and ammonia and remove pigment from hair while also depositing new color.
  • Highlight lightens selected strands of hair using bleach.
  • Lowlight darkens selected strands of hair.

How to Color Your Own Hair at Home?


  • Coloring healthy hair will give you a desirable result. Your hair will be evenly colored. If you have very dry hair, you should trim your hair or apply hair treatment before coloring your hair get evenly colored hair.
  • Perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before coloring.
  • Wait at least 14 days after bleaching, relaxing, or perming before coloring

Coloring process

  • Read instructions that come with hair color products. Wear the gloves. If you are touching the roots, you will have to apply the color on the target area and wait for 15 minutes or the period of time indicated in the instruction and then apply the color on the rest of your head. If it is your first time application, apply the color to the entire head as in the instructions.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Condition your hair with the product provided. 

How to Take Care of Your Colored Hair?

-Use deep hair conditioner or treatment once a week to protect your hair from becoming dry. The chemicals in hair color strip moisture from the hair. This factor can lead to hair problems such as dry hair and damaged hair.

– Use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair to protect the hair color from fading. Apply a little extra conditioner to the ends as hair at the end becomes dry easily.

– Trim your hair every four to six weeks. If you have split ends, have your hair cut 1/4″ above the split ends.

– Avoid chlorine. When you swim, wash the chlorine out of your hair as soon as possible after swimming.

– Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

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