Oily Hair Causes & Remedies

Most people experience oily hair at some point because there are many factors that can cause the problems. Oily hair looks greasy and can develop an offensive smell. To get rid of oily hair, you need to know the cause and treat the problem accordingly.Oily hairCauses of Oily Hair

– Dry scalp: When the scalp is dry, it produces more oil to compensate. Shampooing too often and using too harsh shampoo are common causes that make the scalp to become dry and thus trigger it to produce extra oil.

– Genetics: Your gene determines how much sebaceous glands produce oil. If your parents have oily hair, you are likely to have it too.

– Buildup of hair care and styling products: Applying too much hair products such as a hair conditioner or hair styling products causes buildup in hair and on the scalp and can lead to other problems such as dull hair and dandruff.

– Poor hygiene: If you seldom shampoo your hair, it will have buildup of oil, dirt, sweat, and hair products.

– Hormonal imbalance: Many women experience excessively oily hair during their menstrual cycle and pregnancy. In teenagers, hormone called androgen trigger the sebaceous glands, causing the skin and scalp to become oily.

– Stress: Stress is associated with some hormones that stimulate sebaceous glands to products oil. The more stressful you are, the more likely the glands in your scalp secrete oil.

– Poor diet: Excessively fatty and oily foods increase the amount of oil under the skin and lead to oily skin and scalp.

– Weather: Most people experience oiler hair in hot and humid weather.

Oily Hair Remedies

– Do not over shampooing: Many people misunderstand that washing their hair frequently helps remove oil. This treatment can get rid of oily hair temporarily but after a few hours the hair will become oily again. This is because too much shampoo strips natural oil from the scalp, causing the scalp to produce extra oil to compensate. A proper way to treat oily hair is to wash it every other day with a mild shampoo to allow your scalp to balance oil production.

– Apply less conditioner: Only apply a light conditioner to the hair ends up to the middle and avoid the scalp.

– Rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing and conditioning: This helps remove oil and product build-up. In addition, avoid using too hot water while washing the hair as it also strips natural oil and makes your scalp dry.

– Use fewer hair styling products to avoid build-up: Avoid using wax, serums, and shine sprays.

– Limit the use of heated appliances: Curling and straightening irons not only cause dry hair but also lead to excessively dry scalp which in turn triggers the oil production.

– Eat healthily: avoid eating dairy fats, greasy foods, and junk foods.

– Reduce stress.

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