Teeth Whitening & Maintenance

As white teeth are associated with youth, they have become desirable. However, your teeth can be stained by coffee, soda, tea, medicines, and smoking. Here are things you can do to whiten your teeth:

– Brush and floss regularly to remove and prevent stains.

– Use whitening toothpastes. Whitening toothpastes are designed to remove surface stains from your teeth. They may lighten your teeth slightly.

– Use White strips. White strips contain peroxide, the same enamel-safe ingredient dentists use for tooth whitening. They remove a stain build-up below tooth enamel. Initial results are seen in a few days and final results are sustained for about 12-18 months.

– Get dental cleaning to remove stains from your teeth.

– Get in-office whitening. Dramatic results can be seen after the first treatment but to get desirable results, several appointments may be needed.

– Use tray-based tooth whiteners. Whitening gels that come with a tray contain a peroxide-bleaching agent. Wear the tray a couple hours a day for up to four weeks.

– Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week. Wet your toothbrush and dip it into baking soda. Then, gently brush your teeth for a few minutes and rinse your mouth with water.

Don’t brush too hard nor brush with baking soda too often because baking soda can be harmful to the enamel of your teeth. Use toothpastes after brushing with baking soda. Fluoride in toothpaste can keep the enamel on your teeth safe.

-Rub strawberry against your teeth. Strawberry contains natural teeth whitening agents. Its seeds also help clean your teeth.

How to Maintain Your Teeth after a Teeth Whitening?

– Avoid brushing too hard or using lemon juice or any form of vitamin C to whiten your teeth as your tooth enamel will be ruined. Once your tooth enamel is ruined, it’s permanent. Your teeth will be weaker and more prone to cavities and sensitivity.

– Avoid drinking dark-colored beverages such as wine, soda, tea, and coffee.

– Avoid smoking because nicotine can seriously stain your teeth.

– Chew gum after eating or drinking helps prevent stains.

– Use whitening toothpastes to maintain the tooth color. Whitening toothpastes keep the surface of the tooth free of external stains.

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