Enlarged Pores Home Remedy

Several contributing factors cause skin pores to enlarge. There is no way to reduce the size of enlarged pores. All you can do is to minimize their appearance. Home remedies for enlarged pores are one of effective treatments that can help your pores look smaller.

Keep in mind that you need not only to reduce the existing large pores but also to fix the roots of the problems. First you have to figure out what causes enlarged pores on your face and treat your pores accordingly. If oily skin on your face is the main factor, you need to use the right skin care products for oily skin. If your enlarged pores are caused by improper skin care, you have to change your skin care products and skin care regimen.

To minimize the appearance of existing enlarged pores, you need to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells that can thicken your pores and oils that make your pores become large.

Enlarged pores home remedyAstringents / Toners for Enlarged Pores

– Cool water or ice cube: Cool water or ice can temporarily shrink your pores. Rinse your face with cold water or gently rub an ice cube on your face after cleansing.

– Witch hazel or cider vinegar astringent: After cleansing your face, close your pores with witch hazel or a solution of apple cider vinegar and water.

– Cucumber toner: Grate and mash one cucumber. Mix the mashed cucumber, one cup of rose water, and one tablespoon tincture of benzoin. Refrigerate and apply with a cotton ball after cleansing your face. Cucumber has a cooling agent that can shrink your enlarged pores.

Homemade Masks for Enlarge Pores

– Egg white mask: Gently apply egg white to your face and leave on until it dries. Then rinse off thoroughly.

– Cucumber mask: Grate and mash one cucumber. Then mix it with a few drop of freshly prepared lemon juice and a teaspoon of rose water. Apply the mask on your face and leave on for 15 minutes. Then wash off thoroughly.

– Papaya mask: Mash ripe papaya and gently apply it on your face. Leave on for 15 minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly.

– Tomato mask: Cut a tomato into half. Apply the tomato directly to your face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash off. You can apply this tomato mask daily.

– Almond meal mask: Mix almond meal with water to make a paste. Apply the paste on the areas that have large pores. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off.

Homemade Scrubs for Enlarged Pores

– Salt & buttermilk scrub: Buttermilk contains lactic acid that helps exfoliate the skin. Mix table salt and buttermilk and make the mixture into a paste. Gently massage the scrub onto your face and leave on for a few minutes and rinse off with warm water. This scrub helps remove excessive oils and dead skin cells. Exfoliate the skin with this scrub once or twice a week.

– Honey Sugar scrub: Mix one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of brown sugar, and a little lemon juice. Gently massage the scrub onto the areas that have enlarged pores. Leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse off thoroughly. Honey helps tighten the pores and reduce skin’s oiliness.

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