Puffy Eyes: Causes & Remedies

Puffy eyes are usually a cosmetic issue and not a sign of a more serious problem. There are several causes that can cause this problem. Fortunately, there are many home remedies that you can try at home to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes.

Puffy eyes

Causes of Puffy Eyes

    Water Retention: The most common cause of puffy eyes is water retention.

    Foods: Eating salty food can lead to water retention around the eyes.

    Dehydration: Lack of water inhibits the water flow around the eyes.

    Allergies: Allergies can cause inflammation and swelling. When you are having allergic reaction, cells in your body release a chemical called his histamine. This chemical has many effects including fluid leakage from the blood vessels. These fluids will trap around the affected area, causing the area to become swollen.

    Stress: Stress can lead to a bad night sleep which in turn make your eyes appear swollen in the morning.

    Sleeping position: Sleeping in your stomach can lead to puffy eyes because the fluids in your body go to the head and don’t circulate properly.

    Lack of sleep

    Heredity: If your family member has puffy eyes, it is likely that you will develop this condition as well.

    Crying: Crying causes more blood to flow through the eyes which leads to swelling.


    Sleep with your head elevated. This will help prevent fluids from going to your head.

    Drink a lot of water to trigger water flow and get fluids stuck under the eyes out.

    Avoid eating too much salty foods.

    Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol causes dehydration and thus inhibits fluids flow in your body.

    Place cool cucumber slices, frozen spoons or cool tea bags over your closed eyes. The cool temperature stimulates circulation under the eyes.

    Put on de-puff eye cream or gel. 

  Use an eye roller. This small tool will help shift fluids around the eye area.

    Eat low-carb diet to prevent water retention

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